DeFi Lending

Currency Supply APR Borrow APR Supply Borrowed Price
1INCH 1inch24.1818 %46.5840 %320,202.34 USD277,028.78 USD2.1600 USD
AAVE Aave0.0957 %47.3475 %556,096,159.13 USD1,873,111.19 USD294.0500 USD
AKRO Akropolis0.0012 %0.1990 %29,326.79 USD291.85 USD0.0200 USD
ALPHA Alpha Finance0.0108 %0.6010 %89,603.65 USD2,692.39 USD0.5961 USD
AMP Amp0.0595 %1.4088 %25,217,296.01 USD1,776,299.24 USD0.0750 USD
BAC Basis Cash0.0000 %0.0000 %0.00 USD0.00 USD0.0787 USD
BAL Balancer8.7986 %22.4747 %5,821,184.51 USD2,942,502.34 USD19.4900 USD
BAT Basic Attention Token0.7955 %6.4999 %77,127,120.10 USD12,543,035.04 USD0.5684 USD
BBADGER Badger Sett Badger2.2931 %8.7427 %3,872,888.44 USD1,692,977.37 USD14.0200 USD
BOND BarnBridge4.9516 %12.8473 %34,396.75 USD22,095.35 USD20.6300 USD
BUSD Binance USD2.6658 %4.4920 %17,689,958.07 USD11,722,759.66 USD0.9967 USD
BZRX bZx Protocol0.0000 %10.0000 %51,132.77 USD0.09 USD0.2107 USD
CDAI cDAI0.0000 %0.0000 %1,012.92 USD0.00 USD0.0215 USD
CEL Celsius Network0.5041 %4.0992 %2,028,583.29 USD415,774.16 USD5.9200 USD
COMP Compound0.7008 %5.6954 %213,619,347.81 USD35,095,688.13 USD382.0700 USD
COVER Cover Protocol0.5747 %4.3770 %454,070.99 USD99,373.21 USD230.2300 USD
CREAM Cream0.0002 %0.0750 %50,014,300.83 USD187,657.67 USD164.6300 USD
CRETH2 Cream ETH 20.0000 %0.0000 %19,803,416.78 USD34.06 USD2,001.7000 USD
CRV Curve DAO Token2.2631 %6.7305 %18,212,830.86 USD8,170,089.76 USD1.5200 USD
CUSDC cUSDC0.0000 %0.0003 %959.48 USD0.02 USD0.0220 USD
CUSDT cUSDT0.0000 %0.0000 %12,363.61 USD0.00 USD0.0212 USD
DAI Dai2.4319 %3.7758 %4,777,065,237.00 USD3,574,990,331.76 USD0.9995 USD
DPI DeFiPulse Index0.9561 %6.4918 %29,594,682.93 USD6,038,537.29 USD288.9100 USD
DUSD DefiDollar0.0000 %0.0000 %2,029.97 USD0.00 USD0.9882 USD
ENJ EnjinCoin0.0100 %0.4600 %16,089,530.77 USD486,470.72 USD1.3700 USD
ESD Empty Set Dollar0.0064 %0.5063 %436,328.31 USD11,044.75 USD0.0874 USD
ETH Ethereum0.2221 %3.5463 %7,967,538,659.99 USD655,762,727.30 USD2,281.3500 USD
EURS STASIS EURO0.2189 %1.7783 %2,817.73 USD385.44 USD1.1900 USD
FRAX Frax1.0059 %6.0177 %251,739.40 USD84,161.37 USD0.9980 USD
FTM Fantom0.6227 %4.5558 %172,223.61 USD39,230.64 USD0.2308 USD
FTT FTX Token4.4221 %12.1410 %9,352,793.58 USD5,677,630.56 USD31.6000 USD
GUSD Gemini Dollar2.2508 %3.5362 %33,730,643.72 USD24,912,756.64 USD0.9991 USD
HBTC Huobi BTC3.5640 %8.7391 %795,442.22 USD463,430.50 USD39,618.0000 USD
HEGIC Hegic6.5252 %14.0000 %39,000.52 USD30,296.06 USD0.0950 USD
HFIL Huobi Fil0.0932 %1.7627 %262,099.90 USD23,100.67 USD48.7900 USD
HUSD HUSD9.6170 %14.4000 %115,015.84 USD96,016.53 USD1.0000 USD
KNC Kyber Network19.3477 %68.2499 %1,563,065.87 USD933,108.54 USD1.4000 USD
KP3R Keep3rV10.3256 %3.2947 %352,204.50 USD58,020.17 USD80.7500 USD
LEND ETHLend0.0423 %1.0711 %713,877.23 USD20,082.94 USD2.9900 USD
LINK Chainlink0.0761 %4.7963 %425,290,824.02 USD8,612,735.83 USD18.7700 USD
LRC Loopring1.2600 %120.0000 %930.32 USD10.85 USD0.2295 USD
MANA Decentraland0.2289 %2.3695 %6,552,482.25 USD960,766.54 USD0.6787 USD
MKR Maker0.0016 %0.0832 %120,578,284.05 USD571,627.38 USD2,643.6500 USD
MTA Meta3.4939 %10.7919 %350,631.09 USD189,198.56 USD0.7380 USD
MUSD mStable USD0.0579 %0.9143 %4,651,159.15 USD327,123.04 USD1.0000 USD
OCEAN Ocean Protocol0.0059 %0.4439 %569,884.72 USD12,649.55 USD0.4277 USD
OGN Origin Protocol2.2961 %8.7485 %1,447,015.92 USD632,961.17 USD0.7584 USD
OMG OMG Network1.2683 %6.5021 %101,068.38 USD32,857.67 USD3.8500 USD
PERP Perpetual Protocol2.1498 %8.4653 %3,911,255.95 USD1,655,494.48 USD10.6200 USD
PICKLE Pickle Finance5.9244 %14.0000 %6,088.31 USD4,293.98 USD8.1400 USD
RAI Rai Reflex Index0.0069 %0.4780 %1,473,119.07 USD35,206.24 USD2.9900 USD
REN Ren0.1716 %2.0676 %21,270,169.80 USD2,278,229.12 USD0.3623 USD
RENBTC renBTC0.0600 %1.1336 %1,208,429.70 USD91,324.79 USD39,671.0000 USD
REP Augur0.0000 %13.4908 %94,417.98 USD40,035.06 USD25.8300 USD
SAI Single Collateral DAI0.0000 %5.0240 %2,182,457.12 USD5,000.15 USD11.9000 USD
SEUR sEUR0.0000 %0.0000 %17,924.86 USD0.00 USD1.1900 USD
SNX Synthetix Network Token3.6546 %11.0860 %18,326,947.15 USD9,455,737.51 USD9.0100 USD
SRM Serum0.0002 %0.0838 %673,389.32 USD2,819.87 USD3.2300 USD
SUSD sUSD0.6311 %1.0613 %128,129,225.95 USD100,347,800.46 USD1.0100 USD
SUSHI Sushi0.4264 %3.7701 %1,439,206.63 USD271,301.15 USD8.0700 USD
SWAG SWAG Finance0.0000 %19.2542 %15,349.06 USD7,566.75 USD0.0138 USD
TBTC tBTC0.0000 %0.0000 %0.00 USD0.00 USD39,947.0000 USD
TUSD TrueUSD0.8481 %2.1849 %64,881,066.02 USD24,218,756.76 USD0.9995 USD
UNI Uniswap0.1700 %3.4019 %318,860,273.92 USD21,152,987.20 USD18.8200 USD
USDC USD Coin1.9725 %3.2142 %10,550,368,256.68 USD7,215,682,464.37 USD0.9979 USD
USDT Tether2.7598 %3.9009 %1,934,586,885.07 USD1,548,235,775.26 USD0.9990 USD
UST TerraUSD2.8947 %8.0703 %1,020,576.44 USD457,578.19 USD0.9993 USD
WBTC Wrapped Bitcoin0.0986 %1.7102 %1,868,512,706.36 USD128,329,155.48 USD39,782.0000 USD
WNXM Wrapped NXM0.0017 %0.2414 %7,249,678.04 USD87,512.64 USD52.9500 USD
XSUSHI xSUSHI0.0241 %0.7677 %178,587,331.17 USD8,643,652.92 USD9.5500 USD
YCURVE LP-yCurve2.1014 %6.4829 %21,947.74 USD7,904.69 USD1.1100 USD
YFI yearn.finance0.5946 %3.6364 %95,638,331.86 USD16,203,268.76 USD29,666.0000 USD
YVAULT-LP-YCURVE yUSD0.0000 %18.3753 %1,439,678.51 USD1,102,271.08 USD1.3000 USD
ZRX 0x0.7509 %6.5540 %91,002,473.87 USD13,999,007.38 USD0.7001 USD

Total Market

Total Supply:

Total Borrows:

Average Supply APR:

Average Borrow APR*:

29,679,033,014.68 USD

13,450,103,817.09 USD

1.3736 %

3.4706 %

* Average Borrow APR excludes stable borrowing rates

Tracked DeFi Lending Platforms


Aave, originally called ETHLend, was founded by Stani Kulechov in 2017.ETHLend later rebranded to “Aave”, a Finnish word that translates to “ghost” in English. The ghost represents Aave’s mission to create a transparent and open infrastructure for decentralized finance. Headquartered in London, Aave is made up of a team of innovators who are actively shaping the future of finance.


Compound is a protocol on the Ethereum blockchain that establishes money markets, which are pools of assets with algorithmically derived interest rates, based on the supply and demand for the asset. Suppliers (and borrowers) of an asset interact directly with the protocol, earning (and paying) a floating interest rate, without having to negotiate terms such as maturity, interest rate, or collateral with a peer or counterparty.


Cream Finance is a platform which supports lending and trading cryptocurrenies on the Binance Smart Chain and the Ethereum Network. DecentYields is using the Ethereum version of C.R.E.A.M.

Iron Bank

CREAM v1 offers lending markets for the long-tail of crypto assets, and does not allow protocol to protocol lending. The Iron Bank services both individual users as well as the liquidity backbone for other DeFi protocols. The Iron Bank features a smaller selection of assets that are deemed to have higher creditworthiness. Whitelisted protocols can borrow from this pool of assets with little to no collateral on The Iron Bank directly. Credit risks are managed through a combination of smart contract security review, insurance coverage, and financial backstop.


DDEX is a decentralized margin trading exchange which allows users to lend and borrow funds. It is powered by the Hydro Protocol which is built on ethereum.


dYdX is a decentralized trading platform which offers lending, borrowing and trading with up to 10x leverage. Open short or leveraged positions with leverage up to 10x. Trade on Margin and Perpetuals. Borrow any supported asset directly to your wallet. Use existing crypto holdings as collateral. Deposit funds to continuously earn interest over time. Variable interest ensures you always get market rate.


bZx is a decentralized protocol that enables lending and borrowing for margin trading. The protocol can be easily integrated into new and existing exchanges, or accessed simply through the native bZx portal. The lending portal can be found here: Fulcrum The borrowing portal can be found here: Torque


Fulcrum is a powerful DeFi platform for tokenized lending and margin trading powered by bZx. bZx is a decentralized protocol that enables lending and borrowing for margin trading. The protocol can be easily integrated into new and existing exchanges, or accessed simply through the native bZx portal.


Annual Percentage Rate (APR) refers to the rate of interest investors get paid or borrowers get charged annually. APR is calculated by multiplying the periodic interest rate by the number of compounding periods per year. See the difference between Annual Percentage Yield (APY) and APR on Investopedia.